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SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is a standardised method for monitor, control, configuration of equipment. Normally associated with Local area network connnections, this protocol is by no means limited to TCP/IP communication. The only requirement is that there is at least one SNMP server and one (normally many) clients that are in communication with each other. How the two ends communicate is of no importance, just that the protocol is transported from one end to the other.

Here we are interested in connecting a server in a Broadcast transmitter to a client. The client being from a simple SNMP browser to comprehensive a GUI api. The protocol and method is the same. In this particular case I present a simulation of a Broadcast transmitter acting as the SNMP server with a trap generator. Surely you did not think this would be a real 5Kw Tx, costing upwards of 250p an hour to keep going 24/365?

Snmp Tools


Broadcasting is not all RF things like power amplifiers, filters, combiners etc... There are auxiliary items, like cable, pads, Yagi, propagation analysis (Friis, Egli, LangleyRice, Path loss)

In this section we look at some of the add ons that are usefull in order to put the system together

Misc Tools

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In broadcasting a number of different types of amplifier are used from audio to high power (> 1Kw). Audio amplifiers are, normally highly linear and low noise, whereas RF amplifiers are highly non-linear with the emphasis on power and efficiency

Where do you want to go?

Broadcaasting in general, stereo encoder, rds encoder.

Just Broadcasting

A toolbox of passive filters. Butterworth, Chebychev1 or 2, Bessel, Elliptic, Guassian

Passive Filters Tools

Combiners,Dual Wilkinson, Multistep Dual Wilkinson, 2Way Wilkinson Hybrid, Combiner-Filter, Power Capacitors, Power Inductors

Power Combiner Tools

Microwave, microstrip (normal, inverted, suspended), stripline, slabline, coaxial, rectangular line, microstrip coupler, stripline coupler

edge couplers, broadside couplers, power strip, stepped line transformer

Microwave Tools

Point to Point and Broadcast propagation analysis around the World

Propagation Tools